The purpose of KSC is similar to that of POCI, except to focus its attention in Eastern Pennsylvania and neighboring states.  We seek to: (1) pool together as much information as possible to assist Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC owners in the restoration/preservation of their vehicles, (2) promote interest in the Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC vehicles, their history, and restoration/preservation, and, (3) making owning a Pontiac, Oakland, or GMC vehicle an enjoyable experience.
Officers and Directors:
- President: Tom Wright
- Vice President: Sandy Kemp
- Treasurer: Brenda Steinhauer
- Secretary: Richard Stover  
- Co-activities Director: Ralph Keller   
- Co-activities Director: George Burbage 
- Director: Jim Martin
- Director: Ken Fernsler
- Director: Steve Martinez
- Director: Bill McIntosh 
- Promotional Sales: Bill McIntosh  
- Display Board: Marlin Guigley
- Chapter Historian: Ralph Keller
- Newsletter Editor: Richard Stover

Keystone State Chapter Membership Information
For general information, contact Richard Stover at kscpociinfo@gmail.com

Annual Chapter dues are $20.00 payable in January.  You are encouraged to be a member of POCI National along with joining a chapter.  Send dues payable to KSC-POCI, c/o Brenda Steinhauer; 48 Shillington Rd.; Sinking Spring, PA 19608

For Pontiac-Oakland Club International information
write:  POCI; P.O. Box 68; Maple Plain, MN 55359; or
call: 877-368-3454; or link to the POCI web site by clicking on the BLUE button.
Annual dues are $39.00 and include a monthly magazine.